Write tests, a lot, mainly unit

A few months ago, Kent Dodd wrote an article highlighting a maxim about testing philosophy which is I believe is unhelpful. It goes: "Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration." On the first point, I agree. You should be writing tests for most all the code you write. It not only helps you for regression testing, but also as a tool for iterating on the design of your code. The second point ("Not too many") is where I start to scratch my head. I have yet to work at a place where too many tests are the problem. TDD is a discipline, and like all disciplines, it more tempting to neglect it than to overindulge. So recommending you "not write too many tests" seems like harmful advice.

Easing into Functional Programming in JavaScript

This article is intended to help you methodically incorporate rad Functional Programming (FP) techniques into your everyday work.

It will not try to convince you that FP is a good idea (if you want to be convinced, read anything Eric Elliott has ever written on the subject) nor will it detail FP concepts or how to implement them. For an introduction on the problems and solutions outlined here, watch Brian Lonsdorf's talk, of which this article is tightly based on. In fact, this article is basically an outline of his talk, but with some practical advice and dank memes sprinkled in. Let's get started!

Extract Error Strings

Virtually every program you write will have to deal with errors somehow. And doing so almost always requires recording a message which describes what went wrong. Most often, people will construct those messages inline like the following: